Our Story

If you’re looking for a team of bland engineers to warm seats, we aren’t it. At Graham Technologies, we work hard to deeply understand your big picture, apply leading-edge tools and techniques, and deliver innovation that brings your stakeholders the greatest return on investment.

Since 2007, we have been a trusted partner throughout the Federal Civilian, Defense, Intelligence, and National Security ecospheres. Our team of innovative engineers provides agile software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, application modernization, cloud engineering, and other professional services to the US government. We make sure the work we do is the best.

“At Graham, we aren’t just in it as a financial transaction – we are passionate about our work. We think and learn deeply and constantly. We hire good people who are on a learning path and want to see the results of their hard work pay off.”
– William Graham, Graham Technologies President, and CEO
Our Core Values

Valuing Our Customers

We always put our customers first and treat them with the same respect and dedication as we do our colleagues. This commitment to providing outstanding quality service in every step of the customer-client relationship is at the core of who we are.

Strong Work Ethic

Hiring employees with a strong work ethic is a must for every company that wants to build a successful and profitable business.

Caring About Our Employees

Taking good care of employees is a top priority, and we have adopted a long-term strategy for taking care of them and their families. This includes providing every employee with an attractive compensation package and market-competitive benefits.

Passionate Innovation

We move relentlessly into the future with a forward-thinking approach and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement. It is within our nature to innovate by taking calculated risks, embracing imagination, and thinking outside the box.

Reliance on Teamwork

Teamwork begins with trust and belief in our team and partners. Appreciating our colleagues and clients along with challenging and motivating one another, helps us create concepts that work.

Emphasis On Integrity

Integrity and honesty matter. They are embedded in everything we do and adhere to the highest ethical standards. Our industry-recognized reputation of accountability and honesty has created mutual respect among our clients and colleagues.

Why Choose Us

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