What is Information Privacy?

Information Privacy Defined Information privacy is “the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used,” according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the largest global information privacy community. In today’s world of immense access to information, it is even more critical to protect privacy and personal data given the natural tendency of technology to continuously collect and aggregate more personal data through a variety of methods, including: Organizational portals Financial data processing Emails Social media Online and retail purchases Storage of medical data Wearable tech Internet of things (IoT) NIST Privacy [...]

January 14th, 2021|

Using Executive Information Systems to Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions

An enterprise information system (EIS) helps create situational awareness and a common operating picture in nearly any complex environment. Whether it’s dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19 or the challenges arriving from it – like increased cyberattacks, it is an effective framework for aiding decision makers in this and other complex, rapidly evolving situations. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Insights The best leaders understand that it is the combination of experience and intuition, with the right tools and technologies that assist with making informed decisions for proactive business management. That’s where an EIS system can help. It brings together raw, unprocessed [...]

April 29th, 2020|

Creating a Dashboard App for Health Epidemic Prevention

Much like the COVID-19 pandemic is taxing the healthcare system today, the opioid epidemic has been challenging the healthcare industry for the last decade with more than 130 people overdosing daily due to misuse of these drugs. Although you cannot completely resolve it, there are tools and technologies you can put in place that enable the right people, including the addicted, to monitor and manage it proactively for better outcomes. The Opioid Insights Dashboard (OD Insights) is an example of one of these tools that can support patients, healthcare providers, policy makers, and others. It provides real-time, data-driven, predictive insights [...]

April 29th, 2020|

Using Predictive Analytics to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a national crisis affecting individuals’ health, social, and economic welfare, as well as that of families, communities, and the country as a whole. Many addicts were first exposed to the drug for pain management. What if we could leverage predictive analytics to help guide patients and the healthcare system before, during, and after an opioid prescription? Could it help reverse the crisis? We believe it can. The Benefits of Predictive Analytics First, what is predictive analytics? “Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modeling, and AI machine learning, that analyze current [...]

April 1st, 2020|

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