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Application Delivery

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We help teams break through common challenges:

Most organizations struggle to do their work and build their processes simultaneously. We support your work as well as new initiatives, by helping to define and implement effective processes.

Our team is dedicated to helping you develop an efficient approach to application delivery that leverages the best technologies and processes for repeatable, predictable and scalable operations.

At Graham Technologies, we use, and help you use, a DevSecOps methodology that ensures security is built into every aspect of the application development and delivery process.

Our Agile approach to application delivery leverages best practices to maximize speed of delivery, minimize errors and effort:

How we get it done: on time, on budget and on target.

Centralized code repositories.

DevSecOps: Secure, Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor.

Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Automated environment promotions.

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