Thinking of Moving

to the Cloud?

Scalable and Transformative Cloud Solutions and Services
The cloud will move you forward:

Our trained solution architects can help you set up a customized virtual infrastructure or hosting solution within a managed secure data center.

How we deliver:

Step 1

Build a transition readiness assessment and roadmap.

Step 2

Define transition plans for PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and hybrid solutions and identify the right cloud provider with the least amount of business disruption.

Step 3

Test, evaluate and adjust the migration plan.

Step 4

Execute the project.

Step 5

Retire legacy systems no longer required.

Step 6

Monitor and maintain.

Step 7

Train your team to thrive in the new environment.

Why Graham?

Our engineers can support cloud requirements in unclassified and classified environments.
We are cloud security and compliance experts. We ensure they are core components of your cloud environment.
We are a consulting partner with Amazon Web Services.

Learn how our
cloud expertise
can accelerate your mission.

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