Modernize Your Legacy Systems

Move ahead without leaving existing systems behind.
You don’t have to start from scratch to move forward.
What can modernization achieve?

Digital transformation.

Let us help you reimagine your business for the digital age and leave your technical debt behind. You could be working with IT systems that are easier to use, better integrated, more flexible, and higher performing.

We work with you to achieve digital transformation through the modernization of legacy technologies, processes, and practices, leading to improved application quality, scalability, operating costs and increased user satisfaction.

How we do it:


Refactor or replace? We assess existing architectures, mission-critical assets, user requirements, storyboards, and future needs to identify the best path forward.


Convert legacy applications to modern web-based architectures. Read about our custom development services and process.


Migrate to application hosting platforms that offer the latest in modern infrastructure, scalability, and security in the cloud or on-premise.


Programmatically automate the integration of disparate data sources to provide cohesive and relevant data.

Why Graham?

Over a decade of proven experience migrating mission-critical legacy systems.
We use Microservices to ensure long-term flexibility and integration of services.
We build modern Web Applications that render properly on mobile systems.
Our dashboard solutions are user-customizable, ensuring they have the right information and insights at the click of a button.

Move forward without starting over.

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