Graham Technologies is proud to support the US Military at home and abroad. We salute all those serving the United States of America. Many of our employees are also veterans.

As a trusted partner with the Department of National Defense, we understand the vital role the military plays in safeguarding our nation.

We have an outstanding track record of supporting the needs of our defense agencies. Our experience includes prime contracts with the US Army, Navy and Air Force where we provide services such as:

  • Project Management,
  • Cyber Security,
  • Software Development,
  • Network Management, and
  • System Administration Services.
Some of the work we’ve done:

Army: Network Enterprise Center

Cybersecurity, Network Engineering and Systems Administration.

Navy: COTS Integration – Field Information Support Tool (FIST)

Successfully deployed a specialized COTS product enabling stakeholders to collect, store, and provide real-time data for actionable intelligence insights and support for the Navy.

Air Force: Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

Program Management, Technical Support and Acquisition Management.


your next project.

“Graham has over-achieved in delivering the Field Information Support Tool (FIST). They were available 24/7 to coordinate with overseas organizations and timely support was provided, sometimes under tight timelines.

The deliverable included data ingestion using over 50 data collection modules and data export for analysis was more sophisticated than originally envisioned and exceeded requirements. FIST has improved situationational awareness for our mission stakeholders.”