Graham Technologies will provide personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, and supervision for on-site and remote clinical virtual health support, business operations, and technology solutions. Our commitment aligns with the Defense Health Agency’s mission, supporting Virtual Medical Centers in executing virtual health programs for healthcare delivery within the Military Health Services (MHS).

The MHS demands increased virtual health services due to high operational tempo. Prior service-level programs lacked enterprise-level capabilities. Centralizing and expanding these capabilities requires effective project and program management for seamless technical and functional integration. The objective is a well-managed enterprise-level virtual health program, offering flexible clinical services to meet diverse beneficiary needs across numerous time zones in CONUS and OCONUS.

“Our team is devoted to providing virtual health services to support Military Health Services through Virtual Medical Centers. We’re committed to establishing an enterprise-level virtual health program that caters to the diverse needs of military beneficiaries worldwide.”
– Mary Douglas, Program Manager, Graham Technologies

Our team of Telehealth Project Managers and Data Analysts will provide virtual health support to Virtual Medical Centers in San Antonio, San Diego and the DHA CAE Innovation Office, including:

  • Implement and manage VMC’s virtual health program
  • Execute integrated virtual health infrastructure
  • Design and maintain clinical support systems
  • Manage databases, IT equipment, products, operations, and data communications
  • Offer guidance on quality management and process improvement
  • Recommend program direction for virtual health operations
  • Innovate to expand capabilities, leverage technologies, and reduce redundancy
  • Serve as a subject-matter expert on virtual health issues for leadership

“Graham Technologies’ team has extensive expertise in clinical and patient technologies, including virtual care delivery, process improvement and quality management practices, and Military Health Systems, enabling us to achieve DHA’s mission.”
– William Graham, CEO, Graham Technologies