Graham Technologies has been awarded a subcontract to teammate Epsilon supporting the IRS Office of Cybersecurity. Our team will provide support for cloud-based SharePoint migration upgrades and system modernization for Cybersecurity SharePoint sites, collections, and assets moving from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Microsoft 365.

Our cross-functional team will enhance the IRS’s SharePoint environment by increasing operative maintenance for their SharePoint online portals. Our expert technical support includes assessment of the existing SharePoint environment, recommendations for transition, coordination for transition, configuration and deployment to the new SharePoint environment, and quality assurance and control after migration. Our team will also provide risk management processes to support and protect the IRS IT and SharePoint environment. In addition, we provide management processes for greater collaboration and effective day-to-day administration that supports our technical mission.

“We look forward to advancing the IRS’s cybersecurity modernization across its IT systems landscape. Epsilon and Graham Technologies bring extensive expertise in the preservation of assets and configuration during the migration to improve the performance of the IRS’s SharePoint sites.”
— Sylvion Mbi, Vice President, Graham Technologies

Our team will support the IRS Office of Cybersecurity SharePoint migration in the following areas:

  • Assessment of current IRS IT Cybersecurity SharePoint 2013 sites
  • Recommendations for transition prioritization during migration including risk mitigation for maintaining operations and safeguards for the preservation and protection of assets
  • Coordination among all IRS stakeholders to facilitate a seamless transition of cybersecurity sites to SharePoint Microsoft 365
  • Configuration, deployment, testing and evaluation for migration
  • Quality control and assurance for all SharePoint sites post-migration

“Graham Technologies is uniquely positioned to support the IRS Office of Cybersecurity’s SharePoint modernization, migration and maintenance. We’re excited to leverage our past performance in cybersecurity and modernization to benefit the IRS cybersecurity mission.”
— William Graham, CEO, Graham Technologies