Graham Technologies has been awarded a prime contract with the USCENTCOM Logistics Assessment Cell at MacDill Air Force Base. Our team will assess data from a logistics perspective and use operational research methodology to create in-depth models for problem identification and solution development pertaining to all of the Command’s assigned missions. Our expert team will create objective metrics with quantifiable measures of performance and effectiveness and analyze the information to further enhance the Command’s ability to execute its assigned missions from a logistics perspective, with particular attention to project management best practices and effective workflow.

“Applying our mastered scientific methods and principles of experimentation, simulation, and probability across a wide range of military problems, including acquisition, personnel, operations, and strategic planning will by far maximize the effectiveness of each solution provided and optimize the Command’s ability to execute its assigned missions.”
— Mary Douglas, Program Manager, Graham Technologies

Graham Technologies’ team will support USCENTCOM in its logistical needs including:

  • Use operational research methodology to identify problems and develop in-depth models to aid understanding of complex problems, the respective variables in each problem, and the relationships and interplay between those variables including causes and effects
  • Evaluate models for complete and effective solutions that address the original overall problem
  • Obtain scientific information and data from across the Area of Responsibility, subordinate Joint Task Forces, Service Components, and Support Agencies
  • Create mathematical models in support of the Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and/or other programmatic analyses

Graham Technologies is uniquely positioned to support USCENTCOM with its diverse information technology capabilities offering advanced solutions in data analytics.

“Graham Technologies is proud to support the Air Force’s Logistics Assessment Cell in applying data scientific knowledge and analytical expertise in logistical assessment – ultimately, improving the performance and efficacy of data utilization on behalf of USCENTCOM.”
— William Graham, CEO, Graham Technologies